short nights/nuits courtes

17 08 2005

Sounds like something else, but it’s simply that is looks like I don’t need that much sleep these days: 3 hrs/night. Wow. Now I can really start to get things done.
6:13 am, listening to Oasis’ latest “Don’t Believe The Truth”.
There was a time when I thought Oasis were wankers, now I kinda like their stuff, and just take their arrogance as a decorating element of the band. Asset: Noël Gallagher worked for years as guitar technician for The Stone Roses (remember those? Ian Brown, former lead singer, is still active in the music industry, as a solo artist. I bought one of his albums, “Music Of The Spheres” last year – beautiful), the band who carried the indie guitar sound of the 90’s. Can’t be that bad…!!

Still, you can’t compare them to The Cure (talking of which, news: it seems the band will be recording from oct. to dec., releasing an album in the spring – Yeee!)

Je recapitule en français: je dors en moyenne 3 heures ces jours-ci, aucune idée pourquoi, mais super, ça me permet de faire bp + de choses… Il est 6:22 et j’écoute le dernier album d’Oasis, “Don’t Believe The Truth”. Il y 10 ans je méprisais ces gars, préférant de loin Blur (je préfère toujours Blur). Mais là je m’y suis mis… c’est le son des guitares surtout, je crois. Et puis, bon point pour Noël Gallagher: il était, avant de rejoindre Oasis, le technicien guitariste des Stone Roses, pas une mauvaise chose. En parlant des Stone Roses, Ian Brown, son (ex-) chanteur, continue de publier des albums, j’ai acheté “Music Of The Spheres” l’année dernière, superbe.

Weather update: cloudy but nice.
Cup of coffee
And let’s work!




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