Recap 2005

29 12 2005

This year my life has dramatically changed as I hadn’t expected yet as a natural process in life. My dear father, Daddy, you left this earthly life for the other side and I hope you and mummy are back together now. I miss you both more than ever as the memory of you both is stronger than ever. Many friends and family members are just as sad as Sophie & I, did you feel all that love during the ceremony?

Now I’m loooking at life from a different perspective, and towards a new direction. 2005 has also been a year of deeper commitments and understandings.

I am determined to work for the improving of life on earth from now on. In what form exactly is yet to be revealed, but this will come naturally as thoughts grow deeper and possibilities unfold. The work has actually alreay begun some time ago now.

It’s the only worthwhile purpose to my life that I can see. And it is what I came here to do.

Grow in enlightment.

Love, peace and harmony to us all for 2006 and the years that follow.




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