Hotel Rwanda

5 02 2006

I (finally) saw the film two days ago, thanks to a friend (Hans), and it’s still playing in my mind. I have to admit a few things: first, when the film was playing in theaters, although I knew it was surely good, I couldn’t resolve myself to go and seeing it, being afraid it might be too heavy. To this I indulge myself with the fact that I was just not ready at that time to receive it. 2 days ago I felt I was strong enough to confront myself to it.
And it is amazing.
I also need to admit that we, ordinary people in the west, just couldn’t put images or feelings to what happened in Rwanda in 1994. If I recall well, I remember seeing on the news a map of Rwanda with graphics showing where the Hutus were acting and where the Tutsis were fleeing to. Totally abstract. The film “Hotel Rwanda” makes it possible for us to feel what has happened. From there we can become aware and start acting towards making this world a more harmonious place.
What stays in my mind is that, beyond the horror of that genocide, it seems totally absurd. It is very hard to understand why such events take place in the world, have happened, and possibly will happen again. The attitude of the western world is also clearly shown in the film, and frankly, it was utterly disgusting.
The cast is also fantastic. Don Cheadle reveals his huge talent, Nick Nolte also reaches the viewers’ heart, not to mention Sophie Okonedo and Joaquin Phoenix. Terry George, the director, brought the story brilliantly into light, and I feel like meeting Paul Rusesabagina, it’s his story the film is about.
I just can’t describe it any further, see it for yourself. And don’t be afraid of confronting the truth.

This film truly shows the power and meaning of cinema.

“Hotel Rwanda” official website




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