thursday evening notes

23 02 2006
Wonder how far humanity would have come without HUMOUR. Right-wingers are just as corrupt as left-wingers but they’re OPEN about it. We’re on the VERGE of a bird flu pandemic. Iraq is on the VERGE of civil war. Another antisemitic crime in FRANCE. Roof of a building collapses under WEIGHT of snow in Russia, killing people. Sunny DAY today but cold. Improving my EDITING skills. “SYRIANA” out next week in the Netherlands. Betancourt still held hostage after 4 years, send her a THOUGHT. Rubbish piling up in streets in Germany as workers are strinking against new law PROPOSAL for longer working days meant to boost the economy. No NEWS from Sagas yet. Moby’s latest song/VIDEO is really cool. Anette Bening is a great ACTRESS and I’d like to work with her one day. My film SCRIPT is not advancing much. is an initiative to inform consumers (in the Netherlands) if the products in the supermarkets come from FAIR trade; this in order to fight people starving in the world. MASSIVE Attack released a new single, very good. One thought at a TIME. The more it goes, the less I try and make SENSE of it all, and somehow, this makes me feel more free; at least, more calm.




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