George and Katrina

2 03 2006

Sounds like the title of a soft Hollywood comedy, but is a reality drama. Associated Press released secret transcripts and video footage showing President Bush being personally briefed the day before Hurricane Katrina hit land. The predictions he heard were shockingly precise and accurate, including the failure of the levees. He knew exactly what was coming. Bush didn't ask a single question during the briefing. In the next two days he campaigned, attended birthday parties and played guitar while the worst natural disaster in American history killed over 1.300 people and displaced hundreds of thousands.

It doesn't matter to me that I'm not American; what does matter to me is that the "leader" of the major superpower on the planet has such a big mouth when it comes to "war on terror" and such a small heart when it comes to his fellow citizens. Especially when the whole Mexico golf region is so well known for regularly suffering from hurricanes.

The whole story at AP
P.S.: for Windows users: video will only show in IE/WM




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