Gee what a film

6 03 2006

Took the afternoon to go and see "Syriana" and it's still shaking me. I don't think I can talk much about it now since I need to digest it first. But on the overall it gives us a very clear, though complex, picture of our times, around the energy crisis/war. Now the wish to read/know more. Read the novel, "See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War on Terrorism" by Robert Baer, that inspired it. Time enough for that in the coming weeks. Sure, after you've seen such a film it is difficult to get back to simple concerns and yet, this is so welcome.
The paradox from this being that in the West, we have so much comfort, and our hands so tied at the same time. Freedom, hapiness, health, wealth, all of these are purely and simply relative. Better to take care of my own shit (sorry) – and appreciate all that I can.

Love to you all




One response

8 03 2006

Take a stand! Your shit is our shit and our shit is your shit!

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