The Inner Light

9 03 2006

Folks this actually not a spiritual post, although when you read this article you'll find it also is spiritual.
Ok, so, I stumbled upon this page, which deals with consciousness. What is consciousness, how do you define it, how do you define reality, is it just a matter of perceiving the world through our senses (and there, at some point, you get to think about the Matrix), etc. Difficult to sum this article up with only a few words. It is about subjectivity and objectivity and our handicap to understand reality in an objective way. Remember, historically, humans used to believe that the Earth was flat, that it was the center of the universe, and that as a species we had control over our emotions and psyche, until Freud came along and started agitating things. Now this paper will surely help us go further into understanding what we are.

We've probably known it all this time, the thing is that now, we may become aware.





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