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7 04 2006

So I was playing bass all evening – The Who, dEUS. It’s becoming more and more enjoyable and I’m feeling more and more free, I mean, not having to figure out the strings all the time. Anyway, the point is that each time I’ve been playing bass up to now, I was trying to play that tune perfectly. Yuck. You loose all pleasure after a while. So the perfectionist in me is finally letting go of perfectionism, hurray! What matters is not perfectionism, what matters is… enjoying! Isn’t it?!? Some of you will think, ‘Duh’, some will think, ‘Oh yes, that’s so… true’ or something. Maybe.

Point two. We’re all blogging nowadays and I enjoy reading all these various blogs. Some raise my interest more than others naturally, and that’s great for connecting, exchanging, meeting & stuff. But for God’s sake, what are we doing spending so much time in front of a screen? What am I doing I mean? I should spend half the time I spend in front of a screen outside, jogging or something, drawing, filming, spending time with animals, or all of it at once (that was humour, by the way).

Elections in Italy. Decisive, not just for Italy. Most Italians are so fed up with Berlusconi the modern fascist and you know what, the only guys who opened their mouths to oppose him were not politicians of the socialist opposition, but… artists. Theater people. Like in the old days, 17th century. Italy remains strong in Commedia dell’Arte, version updated. Anyway, if the Italian people DO choose to throw the mediatic emperor out, then the world will be saved; it will be (and I’m sure it’s going to happen, the time is ripe) a domino effect. France will follow, then the UK, the US… the EU… a true evolution. Masks will (definitively) fall. So, there, I’m getting lyrical.

Point four, I won’t be going to France this months. Finances too low. Will plan to go there in june or july. Of course I’m not totally cool about not going there now. But, hey, so many things you just can’t do. Ah. It’s an in-between period. Need to find good work that pays good.

Ok, that’s that for now.

Just relax.

Good night everyone.




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10 04 2006

Brilliant…i didn’t write it but was thinking it about blogging. I started exercising about 2 weeks ago (it’s this cool poll dancing class! it’s hilarious and such a workout! i completely suggest it!), started my french lessons again and and writing full time again. i all of the sudden don’t have time to blog like i want to. i know their must be balance, but….

the judas things is interesting, isn’t it? even though the gnostic gospels are contested, as my dear friend who’s a reverend was quick to note :), the interplay and fluidity between how context, perspective, history and politics all are reflected in religion is fascinating.

i like your idea for your blog. here’s a topic that i’m thinking about: fear. what is it about fear that makes it so dibilitating in some situations and emacipatory in others? i’m fascinated by the cultural differences that infuse the concept of fear…thoughts?

finally, your blog on love and attachment and possession make me take a moment and think about the people i “love”. still don’t quite know where to go with it…i’ve have been questioning the concept of love and how it realtes to marriage or partnerships. i don’t know…

before i start rembling, i must fo. it’s 60 here today (F) 🙂 and i’m finally able to wear shorts and flilp flops, so i gotta go…catching a train to NYC in 20 mins….

have a great day!


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