It’s complete

27 06 2006

Today I’m putting the final touches to the structure of my project. After weeks of searching, digging, puzzling, taking, dropping, re-taking, re-puzzling, putting aside and digesting, believing in it, then less, then differently, now the puzzle is in place. Now, it’s just a matter of setting it properly on paper, getting some feedback from friends (“Is it clear? Does it communicate well?”), and finalize the page. Then I’ll protect it and send it as a proposal to some broadcasters in Europe. And we’ll see, we’ll hear. And if no-one wants it – and I doubt that, because there is a need and a will from some broadcasters for this sort of projects nowadays – but if it is refused, I’ll be more than happy to gather partners and produce it myself, with a team of friends with vision. Oh, for sure, it won’t be easy, lots lots of work.
Damn, it feels good.




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