The reaction

14 07 2006

So here we are. Beginning of the 21st century, and still short sighted. Believing that punishing the reaction is the right thing to do. Zidane on TV yesterday explaining his act during the WC final. Telling people he’s sorry that millions of kids saw the head-butt, but not apologizing, for that would mean that Materazzi, and his provocative intentions, would be right to have done so. Zidane mentioning that he’s a man before being a football champion & icon. And saying this makes him even more of an icon. But he pointed out something – at least within the football world – that we should look at the provocation, and sanction it, not just the reaction. The reaction, in this case, as often, was obvious. Obvious to the eye. That’s why it was sanctioned; Materazzi’s words being unaudible, somehow they vanished – and he gets away with it.

I don’t want to talk specifically about Zidane and that WC final drama. More about our western conduct. We blame he/she who reacts to pain. It’s so much easier. We don’t bother to look behind the scenes before judging. Sooooo immature.

You know, it’s so simple: the minute you look at someone’s hurts & reasons for reacting the way she/he does, only then can you understand that person’s feelings. Then you stop projecting your own fears. Then you stop raising a wall between he/she and yourself, and see each other equally.

It’s so easy to name someone a black sheep, and refuse to face your own fears. Judgement isn’t the way to move forward, contrary to what the old testament imposed. Might has been useful once, now it’s just in the way. farewell.
I believe in humanity, even though every day I get proofs of the contrary. Painful for sure. But I also get many proofs that humanity is filled with potential.

The reaction to a hurt is plainly logical – cause and effect. Imagine we’d punish the provocation instead, very soon no one would even dare to provoke. But then again, this wouldn’t be an answer. For provocation itself is also a reaction to some other pain/frustration. So where do we go from there?




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14 07 2006

it’s too true
I so knew that something about ‘your mum’ had been said. The kids at school say it all the time to wind each other up. It’s still no sanction for violence though.

14 07 2006

Beatifull thoughts, in my oppinion.
I think, the violence that has been said, that nobody heard, was as much hurting, or even more, than the violence that this man fysicly pooled on his provocater. I think, that we should know the whole story, before we even can get to a judgement. Like you say, its just too easy to name him the black sheep, when we don’t realy know his motivations. Fysical violence is not an answer, but mental violence neighter.. and sometimes hurts even more..But to me it seemes, that we mostly look more to te superfisial outside, which I think is a pity and tricky too, because it gives no complete story and fools you, by your own perception.

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