17 07 2006

“This is a global call to all lightworkers around the world. Please turn your attention to what is happening in the Middle East right now. It is a very precarious time, and the consequences of what is happening and the possible escalation of events could effect the balance of the whole world. We are asked not to go into fear or blame, but to remain in a calm, loving and peaceful state whilst sending light, prayers and thoughts of peace to the whole of the Middle Eastern region and the people living in these areas and their leaders and negociators.

We have many lightworker friends living in Beirut and in Israel, Arabs, Christians, Jews and Palestinian friends, all of whom have been working very hard, often in very difficult and challenging situations to maintain the balance and call for peace. I remember in 1999 when I attended a Lightworkers Peace Gathering in Israel, near Jerusalem, and Palestinian friends risked their lives by climbing over the mountains to bypass the checkpoints so as to join their Jewish lightworker friends at this gathering in order to meditate and share together.

Here in Cyprus we are in very close proximity to the Middle East, it is only 25 minutes by air to Beirut and just over an hour to Israel. We can feel the tension rising from here, and energetically I can see and feel a wall of fear and distrust that is gaining in momentum and needs to be dissolved. It is like a cloud that is hovering above the area and it is thicker around the borders between the countries.

A lot of ongoing assistance is needed on a light level to dissolve this cloud and to send clear, positive vibrations into the area in order to prevent further escaltion of the present circumstances. Things are not as they seem, many forces are at work in this situation. Let us call in all the masters, angelic presences and light beings to assist us in this endeavour. This is very important work and we need to be vigilant in our practices these days to support the process.

We will be holding a Global Meditation Alert Gathering for the Middle East here in Nicosia this Tuesday, July 18th at 8pm and invite you to join us in spirit during this time, or to tune in throughout the day at any time that you can. Please light candles before beginning the meditation and call in the assistance from the cosmic level of all the great ones and envision a global network of light linking up all around the world. Think of unity and peace and if you wish chant the OM at the beginning of the meditation and the OM Shanti at the end.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

Maggie Erotokritou

The Global Spiritual Network




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19 08 2006
Michael Ellegion

Dear Fellow Lightworkers,

Greetings and Salutations! I want to first of all wish to acklowedge the special work and service that you have done to help spread greater understanding and peace onto this tired planet, and to help to show that despite how the corporate controlled mass media here in the U.S. doesn’t mention this fact that all peoples of the world have always wanted peace, it is just those power elite who keep the “war machine” going for more profit and control.
But despite this, I truly feel–nay, know strongly that we are living in very “special” times never-the-less, that will see the end of this cabal of power, and it will be eliminated very shortly with the help of very powerful Cosmic Forces of Light who have been in ‘Guardian Action’ around the planet helping to unite all Lightworkers, no matter what so-called nationality or cultural backgrounds we citizens of earth may have, for we all truly want peace and this Strong Intent for world peace is definitely far more powerful than these plans of more destruction by these same forces who have benefitted financially on this horriic death and suffering of the middle east, as well as made-made disasters, even here in the U.S. using weather modification (HAARP) to actually create more powerful hurricans such as Katrina, such things as “chemtrails”, and all the other ‘black op’ secret programs of this cabal, and all other areas that these forces stir up hatred for their twisted profit making ventures
But as a contactee and a channel, I am very optimistic and in fact thrilled that all this unnecessay suffering is about to truly come to an end very shortly, because of greater Guardian Action that these Cosmic forces of Light are about to bring thru some form of ‘Divine Intervention.’ I would like to share information from the Masters from time to time with you all. My name is Michael Ellegion, and my website is
I have been guided by the Spiritual Hierarchy at this time to connect with other fellow Lightworkers who also feel attuned to the higher Masters and Beings of Light, as clear guidence is especially at this time on earth, very important to us all.
Having been trained in the Edgar Cayce form of channeling as a small child, I have been channeling the Masters for over 25 years. I also have had wonderful experiences, having been taken aboard physically, onto the higher dimensional Merkabah Lightships of the Ashtar Command, I can truly say that we are living in the “End Times” of the old way and that there are many other fellow Volunteer souls here in Earth embodiment on earthly missions.
At my website, there is a very fascinating list of “NASA Star People characteristics” which I feel many of those of you who come to this blog’s forum will definitely relate to many of the characteristics or traits documented there. I was first told about this list prior to actually seeing it, while physically aboard the Merkabah, and I was told that I was soon going to come upon a list of characteristics, and that when fellow Volunteers like myself, would see this list, they too would relate to at least several to a third of the entire list.
According to these very advanced, human appearing Elohim – extraterrestrials, “Depending upon how much of the original level of higher energy and consciousness that a soul is able to bring with them when their soul comes into earth embodiment, is usually how many of these characteristics a fellow Volunteer will tend to have.”
The Channelings I have done for over 25 years, are specifically designed to assist fellow Lightworkers in gaining greater insight into their individual life-missions. Becoming aware of future opportunities that the Spiritual Hierarchy wants you to be aware of is important, allowing you to more consciously take advantage of these opportunities. As a result, each one of us will help to uplift the planet––as it prepares for the upcoming planetary Ascension.
One of the special features about these transformational sessions with the Spiritual Hierarchy, is that while the Masters are channeling thru me, they place upon the tape powerful Cosmic subliminals designed to accelerate the reactivation of the original 12 strand DNA/RNA into the future 24 strands, along with the opening and activation of the synaptic-neropathways of the brain. This causes major transformations in one’s conscious awareness and the lifting of the Veils or Cosmic Amnesia. This in turn, helps one to remember their original galactic origins.

Checkout and to those of you who feel an attunement to this information and would like to further connect with me, I look forward to hearing from you, e-mail me at:

Many Blessings to You on Your Earthly Mission!

In Light and Love,

Michael Ellegion

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