Money matters

31 08 2006

(I hope you get the double-meaning)

So I was on the bus today, and looking around, roads, buildings, cars, people inside of them, everything basically was pointing at money = how much does it cost to build that buidling, this road, that car, how much does this driver earn, and that one, everything points at money.

Some say “love makes the world go round”, to which others answer “money makes the world go round”. Whichever we want to give priority to, both are omnipresent. Anyway, I was just seeing money as being present in every human activity, every single one – if you look in detail, you’ll see that whatever it is we do, it has, or has had, in one way or another, a connection to money in order to make it happen. I use to see the omnipresence of money as something bad, it got me so angry, I think now, it’s just there like the air you breathe, let it flow… let it flow. And I know how stressy it is not to have enough, being unable to pay bills or go away on holiday. But I’ve stopped stressing about money some while ago, don’t see it as some enemy anymore, and guess what, feel so much more relaxed and energetic because of this. Some say “money is freedom” – “possibly”, I say to myself, “or its lack of – and not necessarily because we don’t have enough of it, but mainly because we drive ourselves crazy about it – like a drug does” – and realizing once again that, like everything, it acts on us as a mirror, and that it’s us who decide how it affects us – or doesn’t affect us too much… however you look at it, money is there, and for long, and to join ends, dealing with money with love – not love of money, nor greed – makes friends with it. (Do I see some eyebrows raising…??)
So I want to make a short film showing the omnipresence of money behind things. For fun, pelasure, and of course, just as an observation.




One response

2 09 2006

Hmmm, it’s been a major bane of my life … I’ve really messed up financially … not a little bit … a LOAD. It really depresses me and it’s the major problem I have. Things have started getting better, but part of me thinks that because I brought up with no money, perhaps I’m just wanting too much.
I need to let go, let it flow
I’m trying

btw. thanks for the ‘chin up’ … 🙂

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