and he (the Pope) said…

19 09 2006

And here we go, massive reactions in the Muslim world to his provocative act. I do not believe he’s naïve. Maybe – probably – a pawn in a politico-socio-cultural game of a much bigger scale.

But as I saw a picture on the front cover of a paper this morning, showing some angry people in Indonesia, angry at his words, holding a post that read, ‘Pope go to hell’, I had to laugh – you have to admit there’s some humour in that…

Anyhow, this arrogant move of his suggesting a violent nature of Islam, while the pope probably believes the crusades were in the name of ‘the righteous god almighty’ or something like that, shows the world once more how it just doesn’t need that kind of polluting puppets. But maybe I’m just being narrow minded myself… and he was trying to create a dialogue, a reflexion… but I can’t believe so. Not when you have such a role in the world. It’s about a game of power.
The Romans used to claim, ‘ci vis pacem, para bellum’, ‘if you want peace, prepare for war’ (which is also the saying the US relies on, btw). The chief of the Roman Catholic Church is now, in turn, preparing war, undercover of some irresponsible claim to ‘work for peace’.Sounds familiar? The Bush mob is also ‘fighting against terror for peace’ while selling weapons in mass all over…

Ah this is oh so tiring. As if Bush & co wasn’t enough already. Now, Benedictus.
Well done, mate.

‘…to a nunnery, go, and quickly too. Farewell.’ (Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act III, sc. 1).

But I could just be a cynic, too. (God) knows .




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19 09 2006

hear, hear!!!

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