Live fully!

18 10 2006

Jurgen Wolff wrote this in his today’s ebulletin:

Columbia University researchers have found that the older people get, the more they regret not having yielded to temptation in order to have more fun earlier in life. The researcher, Ran Kivetz, said, “Although in the short run, vice is regretted more than virtue, in the long run virtue is regretted more.” His advice: live for today!

ACTION: What temptation are you avoiding at the moment? Think ahead to when you’re old. Do you think you might regret passing this up? (Disclaimer: The Brainstorm e-bulletin is not legally responsible for encouraging actions that may lead to obesity, divorce, or loss of limb or life.)

That’s it. So when you feel the time is ripe for something, listen to that inner voice. In fact, always listen to your inner voice.

Go, baby, go!




5 responses

18 10 2006

and you toooooo!!!!!!!!1

18 10 2006

and you toooooo!!!!!!!!

19 10 2006

I would disagree with the thought of just doing whatever pleases you at the time. You might find John Stuart Mill, utilitarianism, and hedonism some fun things to research. Would you mind posting the link to the research in your blog? I would like see the data and make a more educated comment. Thank you.

24 10 2006

Good advice. I like. Thanks.

Maria in the UK

25 10 2006

i looked at the site and to get to the bulletin i would have to give my email, i know this sounds goofy but i just don’t like to sign up for spam. So if you wouldn’t mind looking up the link on the bulletin and posting the link to the research if they have it, that would be awesome. But if they don’t have it don’t worry about it.

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