One of these days

23 10 2006

It started with hardware. Then software also began doing weird things. Things falling out on me. I’m so close to publishing my renewed site, and things start crashing – like they were going nuts. Why?!? As my housemate said, “A Murphy’s law day” (he often mentions it). Yes, except that I don’t believe in Murphy’s law (“anything that can go wrong will go wrong”). A real genius this guy (this is a cynical comment, nldr). What’s ‘nldr’? It’s French, means “note de la rédaction” = editors’ comment. So anyway. After a few hours of being deeply upset as I was trying to get things to work (and really, it was just one thing after the other, and you think, ‘Oh, what now?!?’), eventually I managed to fix a few… ah, it’s just one of these days, just some delay. Nothing really bad, really. But then again, I’m even wondering if the PC or wordpress is not going to crash on me before I manage to publish this post 🙂

And, oh for the Windows-haters, it didn’t have anything to do with Windows (and now I hear comments like, ‘ha ha of course it did!’, or… whatever).




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