Trust abuse

3 12 2006

So. Today we got our UPC bill. For those among you who don’t live in the Netherlands or have never heard of it, UPC is a company that delivers internet & digital TV/Radio over the cable. In Amsterdam, they have monopoly over this. And this opens the door wide for… abuse, of course. And alas.
The bill we received shows a figure at the bottom of the page 3 times what we had prepared ourselves for, I mean, agreed upon. And I’m getting so used to and so pissed off by this policy of abuse and easy profit all around. Basically they ‘forget’ to mention all sorts of extra costs involved; they just don’t forget when it comes to billing you. How bizarre.

Of course this isn’t just about money. It’s about trust and respect.
Second, a technician – or so called – had to come round twice since the service was not working properly. I feel stupid, for the first technician even managed to sell me an extra cable, when in fact, as the second found out, it was at the source there was a problem, the cable installation in our appartment was obsolete. As you can imagine, these last extra costs I am going to send to the landlord. As for the cable, well I’m simply going to bring it back to UPC, and underline them their sheer incompetence – and abuse of trust.

This is so typical. This is so enraging. Our society has become one of easy abusive profit, of masquerade, and of swindling. Treating people as if they were idiots. Selling illusions. Making you believe you need stuff and/or services you actually don’t. Ripping you off at the end of it all. Or at least trying to…

Bring them their bills back. Don’t let them step on your shoes. Act as a mirror. And rub their bills in their faces.

But all along, I’m always thinking: ‘why is it you always have to fight for things that are self-evident, set over and over again the boundaries of common sense and basic respect, in order to correct abuse that shouldn’t occur in the first place anyway!?!’ I almost feel like dropping a complaint at the Chamber of Commerce against UPC for abuse of trust.

But this is today’s society. Truly out of balance and complaisant in utter indifference.

So let’s put things back into the shape of mutual trust, respect, intelligence, and ban pettiness.




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