22 12 2006

I don’t give a shit. (And you, who are scared and shocked by what I’ve just said, I wasn’t always like this).

And more: you’ve passed that step of not giving a shit, long long ago, so long you’ve forgotten it even existed, now all that concerns you is your well-being, your modern comfort. Now, that’s the sign you don’t give a shit.

If you did, you’d have actively joined Greenpeace a long time ago.

But the north pole is melting and we don’t care. “it’s too complicated!”

Yes it is.

We eat the earth to its core, we’re hunters & destroyers. At last we’re becoming aware of it. but at last, as we’re destroying ourselves, and anything around, we wonder. The truth is, this is a growing process. Nothing less, nothing more.

for we’re stuck in our way of seeing things, I mean, evolution and growth are very slow processes. And we’ve become so dependant on what’s around.

You just have to be cruel and smile at the same time; and not give a shit about the guy next to you; would he about you?




2 responses

22 12 2006

What is this, shocktherapie? Of course, when it hurts there must be truth in your statement.And there is, comfort is easy. Close your eyes is easy. But it is not all black and white.There are more colours in this life…………..And I do give a shit!

thanks for your wake-up call……grinnnn

22 12 2006

O boy, am I glad that at least three people are awake 🙂 Dear Dylan let me tell you there’s always hope but sometimes it hard to see or to recognice. A very small example:
Yesterday at work I made fun of a college who has had a big plant without leaves for such a long time, i thougt the plant died and the college was too lazy or busy to throw it out of the office. But he called me and showed me little green dots on the wooden parts. And when I came closer I started seeing even more little green dots. It made ne feel very humble.
Mother earth is very old and wise and so are some people. Actually I think very deep down we have all the knowledge but we forgotten how to get acces. Maybe this world as we know it will change or transform or evolve into a new world.
Ányway,Today I feel very positive and you know, I give a shit too!

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