26 12 2006

So, Xmas has just occured for 2006, and now it’s the last week of the year. So we’re preparing ourselves to celebrate new year’s eve. So this week logically appears as the one to go over the past year, and think of what has happened.

So I am going to take a few minutes here and there during this coming week, starting now, to draw for myself the list of  important events in my life in 2006. A year goes by so quickly. I am going to write down this list, of events; activities I’ve undertaken; new people I have met; places I have been; things that have moved me, some good, some less, perspectives I have had and what they have brought. And then, when I feel this list is complete, I am going to draw another one, in which I’ll clearly state for myself what it is I wish to see happening in 2007 for myself, my family and friends, my surroundings, close, less close, far away, and then for the world at large. On december 31st, I’ll publish both these lists on my blog. This feels important to do, look clearly at the past, see where you’re situated at this moment, it’s cleaning up your closet, refresh your cells, then turn towards the future, feeling clear and ready, stable in your shoes.

Will you join me in doing this? 🙂




One response

26 12 2006

what a good thought!
i ll think about it……

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