…and now for 2007

31 12 2006

I wish to play even more music, and join or form a band.

I wish to grow in my work(s), expand my horizons, achieve professional maturity and feel good in my shoes, and share, share, share.

I wish to continue cultivating friendships and feel good together. I wish we keep on inspiring each other.

I wish to see my family at least once this year. I wish Sophie (sister) gets more time in her busy busy schedule.

I wish to be financially stable.

I wish to do more sports, more artistic things, more fine cooking.

I wish the world evolves into harmony, mutual respect and help, prosperity, and less wars, and less poverty, and less corruption. I wish we really start working together, be there for one another, and not judge nor discriminate blindly. I wish we care more for the environment, animals, plants, nature.

I wish I can really express myself.

I wish to be in balance as often as possible.

I wish you all peace, love, joy, prosperity, and harmony.

Tonight, let’s celebrate the shift from the old into the new with dignity. Let’s love simply being around.




3 responses

31 12 2006

and I wish you (and the world)in 2007 all the things you wrote!
(actually it is Nancy Rosalia Maria B., very catholic name…grinnn)

31 12 2006

Wauw Dylan…I’d wish I could oversee my life as clearly as you do. I learn lots of you, nans and her sister, I just started ‘blogging’ but I already am a big fan. I hope for 2007 we inspire each other to go further on our ‘journey’ to our true selve
p.s. And taking yogalessons is a great idea

31 12 2006

Happy New Year to you as well; my only resolution is to live smartly and finish my first year of college with success (and start another one, as well).

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