so, 2006…

31 12 2006

When you think back over one year, you realize lots has happened…

here’s my 2006 in short –

Family: first year in my life without both parents around, very tough. As a consequence, got even closer to my sister Sophie, stayed with them in England for a few days during the summer, first time I saw irl her son Sébastien; what a wonderful child… big highlight this year to have spent that quality time with them (this includes Vlad of course, her husband); saw my aunt & uncle again, Valerie & Michael, also in England – had seen them again first time in years at my dad’s funeral back in october 2005; we reconnected, I’d missed them! Also saw Sarah, their daughter & thus my cousin, with her husband David & lovely girls Hannah & Charlotte; also saw Robert, Sarah’s brother, my cousin too thus, also not seen in over 20 years… we wouldn’t have recognized each other in the streets. Was great seeing them. Catching up and now the contact is strong.

Friendships: made new friends, irl: Alessia, Brunhild, Cat, Christian, Frank, Jonas, Mathilde, Natha, Tom, Yvette. Through my blog: Dana, Kirsten, Mike, Roos (or should I write Nans? 🙂 ), Vi. A few friendships died of natural causes too. Old friendships remain though, thankfully, of course; an old friend from scholl got in touch: Sophie. We were together in class, ’87-’88. She sent me pics of her 3 lovely kids, and husband – who’s the same guy she was dating back then! She didn’t even realize that until I pointed it out to her…! Saw Ben & Francis, in the UK, who I hadn’t seen in years. Great quality time here too.

Hobbying: been playing more and more bass; bought a guitar when I was in the UK in the summer; still love music as much as ever. Making music is my main hobby. Blogging is another. My blog has been a great companion and help. It has helped me refine my thinking and feeling about the world and my life. I think it has helped me advance. Going out is another hobby; been doing lots of that too, maybe too much. Watching films. Unmissable. Bought the Gorillaz live in Manchester dvd, love it, there was a time in august/september I was playing it in a loop. Very inspiring. Not enough sport though, although I have started swimming again; riding the bike of course, as does anyone in Holland; that’s about it. Been thinking a lot about taking yoga courses.

Home: moved to Amsterdam into a flat with my good friend Corinne. Love Amsterdam. Corinne & I get on well, and are very supportive of each other. The gerbils are still as crazy and desperately wanting to escape. They did once. I’m torn between the idea of freeing them – which would probably mean their certain death – and keeping them here – which means prison for them. Dilemma impossible to solve, at least for the time being. But they have nothing to complain about, they’re healthy as can be. Buggers.

Love: breakup with Tamara after almost 2 years. Very mixed feelings. Extremely painful at times, for both. Now it’s really ok. Any attempt to start something new afterwards has been a failure. The timing is probably not right, I need to truly feel complete first I think before it comes knocking at my door again. And it will. Right now I just don’t feel quite ready yet. Or something alike. Still, this year, I have understood what love means to me. Great feeling to have found that out.

Work: at the beginning of the year I was working for tv, at the end of the year I’m working for tv. Totally different projects/programs though, different companies too. In between those two, bits and pieces, + developing my own project; followed 2 courses for that, both in Germany,”Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar”, in Stuttgart in may, and “Master Class for Independant Producers of Interactive Entertainment”, in Munich in september. The project is asleep right now, I lost quite a bit of enthusiasm regarding it. For now. Renewed my website, which was lots of work, but so interesting to make. Gave video editing lessons; not really my cup of tea. Did some voice-over work, much more my cup of tea.

World: have very mixed feelings about our world and where it’s heading. I’m not very optimistic but this could simply be my worrying nature. In a sense I’ve learned to carry on doing my thing in the big realm and swimming without trying to comprehend it all at all times. The world is what it is and our society peculiar. I can focus more now on my personal well-being and cultivate my inner light. In the end, that’s the most beautiful one can do. This awareness has come to me lately and at last I am on the verge of truly being and affirming who I am, at age 35.




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