4 01 2007

I just watched Underground, by Emir Kusturica, again. The film, which was crowned by the golden palm in cannes in 1995, depicts the story of Yugoslavia in an epic and symbolistic way. Kusturica clearly addresses a message to us all; the most hurtful & stunning scene and sentence to me is, a war isn’t truly a war until the brother aggresses his brother… sentence which contains all the drama and pain of the yugoslavian conflict 10 years ago, or, simply, of any conflict. It’s a highly emotional film that needed to be made, to me it feels like it has helped us evolve away from war. But don’t see it black; there’s an awful lot of humour in the film.
But enough said, and enough wars, but the truth is that wars are needed for long-term progression, even if this statement makes you jump out of your seat, needed like storms. We’re lucky here in the west to have had the opportunity to turn wars into competition, mostly a commercial one, at home – with the support of football (which is to me nothing more than a symbolic form of two armies fighting each other) – while in other parts of the world it’s still shootings and bombings. Because, yes, fighting is also a growing process. Mixed feelings, thus. An open debate.




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6 01 2007

“a war isn’t truly a war until the brother aggresses his brother”

This scene is the culmination of the film as you mentined
The film is a metaphor for many, many thing.

It is beautifull and strong because everyone can find their own meaning, they can reach the level they want to reach, or level they can reach.

This is the strenght of Kusturica as a great filmmaker.

I am not sure if you have seen his film “Life is a Miracle’
This film is even more universal than “Underground” and carries a very powerful message about love.

keep writing the great stuff!

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