Why the most powerful action is one of the most difficult

29 01 2007

“Complete, total, no-strings-attached forgiveness will have the greatest impact upon your entire self-physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.I’ve seen it happen. Someone forgives at the deepest level possible and their entire energy system changes. They feel physically stronger. Their emotions are lighter and more joyful.

Why is forgiveness so difficult? You might postulate that someone just wants to hold onto the hurt… or they don’t feel the other person “deserves” forgiveness (including forgiveness of self)… or if they forgive the other can hurt them again… or…

Forgiveness is difficult because of the belief systems formed when the wounding occurs. Each of the reasons above is a belief.

One individual came in with a list of things she wanted to heal. Among the 2 pages of health issues were several people she wanted to forgive. Her innate wisdom by-passed all the health issues and took us to forgiveness. Her innate wisdom then took us to the belief systems holding non-forgiveness in place. We followed her innate wisdom and balanced the belief systems identified by innate.

When she came in the next session, her energy field was expanded, she felt lighter, had more energy and found life easier. Her innate again went directly to forgiveness of another person on her list.

If you really want to heal, identify where you direct your anger. Then work on forgiveness. There are many methods of forgiveness. Find one that works for you. Forgiving is the one thing you can do that will have the greatest impact upon your overall well-being.”

Cathy Chapman

I came across this article and felt like sharing it with you, because of how it has just brought light into my perspective on things. It hit a string deep within me, especially in the sentence “Forgiveness is difficult because of the belief systems formed when the wounding occurs”. Since, for sure, we all wish happiness and well-being for ourselves, and forgiveness we know to be a virtue, something that heals. We know it, yet we don’t necessarily know how to reach it. This sentence just gave me the necessary tools, because understanding the mechanism(s) is the path leading to forgiveness suddenly lighting up. Everything is a system of belief isn’t it? That’s how we decide to perceive the world. The moment we feel stuck in our ways and don’t feel we can actually move on, that’s when we need to revise our systems of beliefs. But sometimes, or even often, we don’t really know where to start. And this article has just offered a key to me. Ah, it feels great. There is vision at the end of each tunnel.

To read more about Cathy Chapman, you can go to her website.




3 responses

29 01 2007

This is so true, the most difficult thing is ‘just to let go’ and not getting stuck in pain or believes. Thanks

7 02 2007

Hi Dylan, Is everything o.k. with you?

7 02 2007

Sure, simply busy

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