destruction & creation aka transformation

31 01 2007

and of course I have the urge to philosophize – 🙂

the need to be destructive regularly occurs in me, as does in everyone; most of the time I translate this into an evening out getting drunk. Some provoke fights, I dont, except at times in the form of an intellectual debate, provoking others in their beliefs. It’s good fun. Anyway my point here today is that the next day (or the day after since I need to get over my hangover), the creative urge & force is back again, and I need to start building something again. Ah. I use to morally condemn my destructive aspirations since society tells us it is “Bad”. True, if we destroy too much… yet this is what’s happening… then we can’t build and sustain. Creation & destruction need one another, don’t they? Life & death. Perpetual transformation. Anything else I need to say? Not right now.




One response

1 02 2007

Had Freud dan toch een punt met de “thanatos” en “eros” in elke mens………????? Na een bosbrand krijgt het bos ook weer een nieuwe kans zichzelf te vernieuwen…. Of die plant van Mike’s collega….

Good or Bad…. it ‘s not that simple………
Enjoy your new creations Dylan!!!

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