3 02 2007

This wasn’t a very happy post last night. This morning I’m wondering why is it I was so angry (I was very very angry). It’s partly due to the fact that I give and give and give as much as possible around me, in my work, to people, and all, and so I slowly build up some anger inside when I feel and see disrespect. Last night, I’d had it, the glass was full.

But that’s not only it. And I don’t know, I just can’t really put my finger on it now. How annoying is that.

It is so that when things don’t work in life, change is needed. Change inside, change of job, change of perspective & approach, something. I feel today like there is a thin discomfortable layer around me , like accumulated dust from outside, and I just feel the need to clear it away, wash it away, and cleanse my soul. Makes any sense? 🙂

I’m so tired.

Time for a change of perspective and new approach to things.

Told you I could always bounce back on things 😉




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3 02 2007

O yeah, you make sense to me.
You can run and change your job, divorce and find out what it is that bugs you and triggers you so much. Find your inner peace,but take your time and don’t forget to love yourselve. And keep on bouncing, up and down, good movement for finding ‘passion’ I did this last night 🙂
You have a look at Frans ( site, he might bring you something. Take care of yourselve. And monday I will make a photo for you and put it on my site.

4 02 2007

ff in Nederlands… ik moet te veel zoeken naar woorden…sorry
Het beste is dat er wat balans is tussen geven en ontvangen…een tijd meer geven is oke, als je maar weer terug komt in je balans. Zorg voor je zelf…
Ik vind je ups-downs herkenbaar..wie niet zou ik zeggen, alleen naar de buitenwereld laten we dat vaak niet zien.
Waar ik zelf heel veel aan heb gehad, na een periode van fikse dalen, is de essence-training die ik in A’dam heb gevolgd. Heeft mij geholpen veel beter bij mezelf te blijven…

Benieuwd naar Mikes foto maandag! grinnik…

Hou je haaks!

4 02 2007

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