long time

23 02 2007

no write, so here I am. Basically been chewed up by questions regarding work, which one/what, the house, what choice, and in general, what direction to go from now, etc. Lots of letting go in the process, feeling more free to move than previously and dropping old habits, or old patterns. Gosh, it’s amazing how free you feel once you start letting go of weights – and old anxieties. We seem to cling on to anxieties self-created for the sake of the “goodie” we’d find in the end as reward for bearing those anxieties. The “goodie”, whichever, isn’t worth the anxiety anymore. Both were just a delusional answer to a much wider question awaiting for so long behind the curtains, the question of the essence of existence, and how to cope with the void, and the true realization of who/what we are. One thing is sure, certainties limit the soul, even if they help walk the road. There is no such thing as tasting the present. That’s my present promise to myself, to feel the present moment more and fear less, as I need a renewed sense of touch – and feel.




2 responses

25 02 2007

nog niet zo eenvoudig….. zijn….. grinnik
take care!

27 02 2007

Kinda like undergoes the process of reborn…

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