global warming, climate crisis, an inconvenient truth

24 02 2007

Just watched the documentary ‘An inconvenient truth’ presented & narrated by Al Gore, and it’s a must see. I was really looking forward to it. Al Gore is doing a tremendous job in waking us all to the awareness that action is needed now if we want Earth to be still habitable in 50 years from now. We only have some ten years to change the way we live, think and act. The wake-up call is now, and I know, I know, it seems like too big of a challenge for each individual, and we think, ‘if the governments and corporations don’t take the right decisions, what can I do?’… think again. Watch the film or go to the website: which gives so many insights, ideas, clues on how to make a difference. Personally, this is the main thing I want to work on in my life from now on. I can’t bear working for companies only interested in making money, how could I stand/bear this when we have such a challenge to deal with?!? And let’s not forget it’s such an exciting challenge, fight for our planet, keep it healthy, and grow economically and as a civilization at the same time. Yes, this is the main message that comes out of the film; a friend of mine told me she saw it last week and felt so ill at ease afterwards; and it is an alarming state of things, but/and it certainly doesn’t communicate despair… on the contrary.

I can only encourage each and everyone to watch it, or/and go to the website. And this is not just some sort of advice or matter of taste, it’s the place where you/we live in we’re talking about. For those like me living in the Netherlands for instance, if no concrete actions are taken now, within 50 years, most of Holland will be under water. And we’d become climate refugees… and so many more places around the world would be under water or totally dried up…. I am really optimistic we are going to solve this, using little and significant steps one at a time. Once again, the future is now.

I love this planet. How could one not love it.




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24 02 2007

You’ve reached a profound moment in your life. A moment where you have chosen to see the world as big but vulnerable, beautiful yet wounded and most importantly in great danger from a particular species that wants to risk it all.

Hope you can keep up the enthusiasm! We all get caught up in the trivialities of life and it can be hard to see the big picture let alone take action. But writing about it is one of the best things you can do.

Cheers, Verdurous.

25 02 2007

Good for you! An Inconvenient Truth triggered me to take action. My conclusion was: there is no point in acting if I don’t care, and there is no point in caring if I don’t act.

So, I am doing/learning/explaining climate change with others—some are experts in the field and others of us are novices, helping each other along!

The following blogs are reliable sources of information: Open Mind for clear, precise and detailed scientific explanations of climate science (amongst other interesting topics) and Ancora Imparo for good summaries of where we are with climate science (amongst other general science articles with and emphasis on medicine). My blog has a collection of useful links for climate action and climate research, along with more visuals and simpler explanations of climate science, because many of my visitors are students.

27 02 2007

Tell me about the Ice Ages. Tell me more about why the peasants should ride mass transit, while our leaders ride in Gulfstream jets.

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