today – thoughts off the record

15 03 2007

Strange lazy & low mood today. Some who know me recognize this, I can hear some telling me I’m a moody person. Or emotional. It’s a bit like tides, really; they come… and they go… and they come… and they go… perpetuum mobile. Is life.

Discovered another great blog here, as I came across these tips to make you feel better; just what I needed.

Snow Patrol is good music but too melancholic – not what I need thus. I switched to Moloko (thanks Igor)

Got news from Kirsten from Canada, we were a bit out of touch. Good good.

Watched Borat again last night, this time with Corinne. A laugh, but twice is enough for me.

Driving lessons, much more confident in it, nose in driving theory books, almost there almost there.

But god, I just don’t have much to say lately! Or simply don ‘t feel the need to. Feel a bit blasé, that’s the problem I guess. Or just blogged enough in the past months and am growing out of it…




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