addicted gen’

18 03 2007

whether to fags, booze, sex, MTV, coke or money, they’re just addict junks of modern consumerism.

…and I know, I know how difficult it is to resist the inside burning flames, especially when you think “what else is there?!?”

yet there is so much, so much, more; and yet excitement overrules or brings purpose, which way is it? “everybody needs a thrill”

we don’t need eyes to see, we need vision. clear and purposed

and it’s so hard

the constant struggle between black & white 🙂 as we’re always feeling on the verge of falling into the void

clutching at straws

another band singing “let me out!”

we have free expression but no real clear guidelines

if anything is unclear, please post a comment




One response

18 03 2007

all clear but i leave you a comment anyway, maybe i’m addicted to that 🙂
Nice to see you’re back blogging!

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