French Presidential Election, part II

22 04 2007

So, the duel is Sego-Sarko, as most widely expected. 84% voters, democracy is back and healthy. Le Pen at 11%, Bayrou at almost 19. The latter will weigh heavy in the final round. Which is on may 6th.




One response

23 04 2007
Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.


I was fascinated by French voters talking about “voting with the heart or voting with the head” in reference to what had happened in the 2002 elections, I believe, where many had said to have voted first with the heart, and then, in the final round, with the head.

Bearing in mind that scientists have now discovered that we have a second and third brain, these being located in our intestine and in our heart respectively, by virtue of billions of neural cells in each of these “other” brain centers. These two other brains actually feed the first brain with information which it then processes in order to come up with its decisions.

So what we have called our “gut” feelings, or intuition for millenia, and what are our emotions, or heart feelings, are literally come by through the processes of these billions of neural cells in these other two areas of our body.

So…to the French voters preparing for the May 6th elections I would say: “don’t choose between heart and head, but use both, PLUS your gut, in order to come up with a sane choice!”.

Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.

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