The Buddhist Half Filled Glass

25 04 2007

Found through Stumbling on The Middle Way, I love this post:

A central concept in Buddhism is that each and every moment contains unlimited potential with unlimited possibilities of what can happen. In this way, the glass can hardly be only one or two states.

Psychology read a lot into how you see the glass. The litmus test from a western viewpoint, only allows two options; half full or half empty. In Buddhism, however, these 2 views leave an incomplete picture. Adding more to this picture, below are a few more Buddhist takes.

  • The glass is full; it contains both liquid and space.
  • There is no glass; it’s made up of things that are not it.
  • The glass is a manifestation of the whole universe; it is not seperate or unique. It’s not half anything.





3 responses

25 04 2007

beautiful …..

25 04 2007

I’m thirsty. I seem to be attached to my thirstiness.

13 05 2007

Hi, I put a link to this in my blog:

Sorry it’s in Bahasa Indonesia.

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