The Power of Dreams

8 05 2007

Is amazing. Dreams often appear to me as films, they appear as such to everybody I believe. I just woke up from one, which provoked flows of tears. Liberating tears. I knew and understood straight away what it was about and what it was saying. Not so important for me to mention here what was happening in the dream. More important is to “testify” of the regenerating effect it just had. I could all of a sudden, and at last, see through a barrier, a wall of anger, and through it, behind it, was pure compassion; for someone close; my father. I am not quite sure why this is happening now, but I have a clear idea. I strongly believe in those powers. Dreams, thoughts, emotional intelligence and deep ‘knowledge’; there are things you just know. The knack is not to be afraid of them, ever. The power of thought and emotional intelligence create our reality, and when you’re attuned, in sync, and listening, things begin to unfold, and your real power and dimension find their own proper shape(s). You grow more and more into truly being what and who you are. And I have the feeling that there’s for each and every one of us still so much more yet to discover; about ourselves. Somewhere I know that we have an immense, infinite potential, which we haven’t learned to learn yet. And that’s the great news, to feel and to know we hold this potential within ourselves. Inner light.




One response

13 05 2007
Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.

Hey Dylan, you are spot on! Dreams have so much to offer us that I am consistently amazed at the way many people just “throw” them away. We might say that they are like a letter from the lover we yearn for, but never bother opening…the lover, in this instance, evidently, is our own psyche, inner knowing, intuition, label it as you wish…

Dream symbolism is such a rich subject to delve into, and there are so many wonderful books out there (my own collection of dream books, started when I was quite young, is getting close to the 150 mark). And symbolism is so much more than the cookbook variety of coffee table dream interpretation books (as gorgeous as some of these are). One that I always recommend to my clients, students, and dream interpretation group members is the Penguin Dictionary of Symbols by Jean Chevallier and Alain Gheerbrant. This book is about symbols in general, on a cultural, mythological, and historical basis that can serve as a magnificent adjunct to our dreams, as we read through the myriad meanings for any given concept, and then find one to which we have the famous “aha” reaction, because it rings a bell in us.

This is a subject about which I could go on and on…but suffice it to say that one should never ever allow another person to foist their opinion about the interpretation of “our” dream onto us. No matter how much they know about dreams. Don’t let anyone say you are in denial, if you don’t resonate with their interpretation. The meaning of a dream must stir something within you, otherwise, the meaning is probably meaningless.

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