Of the Infinity of Possibles

17 05 2007

Quantum Mechanics has brought to the world the idea that at the subatomic level, absolutely anything is possible. Because – at least, that’s how I understand it – at that level, the behavior of systems is erratic and totally unpredictable. So any particle can and may be at any place at any time. I can be here or there at any time. Our ideas and concepts of space and time collapse with this perspective, only to re-emerge in a total different one. The here and now equals infinity and eternity. Anything is possible, nothing is “real”, at least in the sense of what “real” has meant to us – here, in the western world and culture(s) – for centuries. Difficult to conceptualize this since we’re so used to thinking within preconceived frames. In other cultures the approach is different. I guess. I heard once that Australia’s Aborigines see and think the world as circular, and that every day is the same day. Every day, it’s the same day starting all over again. Beautiful idea, even if – for us – destabilizing. The Aborigines are also the people for who the origins of the world was a dream. The dreamworld. The world was first sung, and then came into existence. This is also known as the songlines. Beautiful too, isn’t it. Others approach this concept of what is “real” in other terms. Whether everything is absolute or relative. Is everything absolute? Yes, that makes sense. Is everything relative? That also makes sense. Is it all entertwined, absolute and relative at the same time? Probably, surely, possibly. Anything, absolutely anything is possible, “real” as well as a dream, a myth, at the same time. Does this leave us sure of nothing, the grounds of our certainties evading us? Possibly. Possibly scary. So then, it’s all a question of choice. For this whole idea – and perspective – open the door, until then – possibly – closed, to infinite creation. The main and ultimate source that then emerges from this is none other than love. Life. This whole big energy field in which we are constantly bathing. Infinite light. Where we come from, in which we’re bathing, and where we’re constantly moving towards. Yesterday evening, as I was having supper with my housemate, I was struck to see this: for her birthday last friday, my housemate, Corinne, was offered some tulips. Lots of them. She put them into three different vases. One of them she placed next to a window. Yesterday I noticed that all the tulips in that vase were litterally “stuck” to the window. As to get the maximum light possible. I took a few pictures, shown here below, to try and show you. It’s simply amazing. When I see this, I feel and understand straight away that the tulips are alive, nature’s creatures. I can almost hear them speaking, expressing their form and way of being, their essence and entity. And to see this prodigy of nature is a real wonder. And then I’m more than convinced, totally aware. Life is speaking to me, to us all, at all times, and I know deep inside that life is within and all around us at all times and everywhere, totally caring for its creations, its children, its manifestations, you, me, us, the flowers, plants, animals, minerals, elements, everything in myriads of shapes and expressions, life is a true wonder. In an infinity of possibles.




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17 05 2007

beautiful “picture” &
beautiful picture!
enjoy the good feeling…..

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