A & B

6 06 2007

Let’s say it’s A and B. And let’s say that it doesn’t matter if they’re man or woman, nor from what culture nor nationality, race, nor age. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that they met and what took place.

They had a good contact. A “good thing” going on. They kept in touch and got to know one another. A was too eager to get close to B, and went too fast. They got intimate. They delved into intimacy. That had to.

But soon after B said that this was going way too fast and felt uncomfortable. B felt lost. There was so much good in this, yet something didn’t feel right. In fact, it had gone too fast for both. Or maybe even inadequate. But how can you tell on the moment? Everything in both of them was urging towards intimacy, share, be together, love one another. And at that moment, nothing else could ever and would ever count.
A became very upset because of A’s uncomfort and became sort of fanatic. B also became obsessed. Unable to think properly. That was something that hit them both. Neither of them liked it.

It got to the point that they just weren’t able to communicate with each other anymore. They just didn’t know how to, and felt too tired about the whole story. So they both reatreated. Both needed some air. See other things, think other things, feel otherwise.

They lost touch.

Never forgot anything though.

Lots had been said.

So much.

And lots hadn’t.

It was in no way a failure, it had been opening up to a person; bliss; pain; doubt; joy; a discovery, a form of love for someone, or more, whatever that may be.

…and that’s all what I have to say about that.




2 responses

7 06 2007

I wish A and B good luck…..
maybe, in another time/another place….
who knows…
close this carefully
and let life flow
love will find its way again

17 06 2007

It’s NEVER a failure. It’s just a moment of life which brings you further and furter, always moving on the way of love. You never lose anything. Always get much more knowledge about this very particular thing we just can’t control.
Love to see you again. to talk about life. and love. I also made a big journey, stil going on. so special. I have to tell you.

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