diary update

26 06 2007

Very intensive week in the south of France. Clearing up my parent’s house. Huge job. Thankfully friends helped me, bless them! Back sunday eve, good meal with a good friend (Alessia). Monday back to work, stress there. Not inspiring. Feling down. Getting really tired of it now. Considering my options for my next step, not quite sure what nor how yet. Advice will be welcome. Need to sit down and work this out. Feeling envious of others who seem to be having it easier than I am. Why is life so hard sometimes, or even often, I wonder, I really do. I try and relativate and put things into a different perspective, ‘all is well’, weighing the pros and cons. I want to travel more; much more. Need to create a satisfying and inspiring life experience for myself. This will be the guideline from now on. And then, I suppose, if I keep this in line of sight well then I will be able to find the hows and wheres and whens to give it shape, dream it awake, make it happen. Cos I cannot give energy into waste anymore now and let that drain me dry.




2 responses

27 06 2007

Give yourself time to recover, to clear your parents house is a big thing: closing another part of your life….take it easy.
wees mild voor jezelf, says my love to me, maybe good advise for you as well?

take care!

2 07 2007

Lots of things are happening to you and you have to take care of yourselve. The cosmos is telling you over and over and show’s you your path but you have to open your heart and trust your inner navigation. Follow your heart, you know that, follow your heart

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