The New World 7 Wonders

29 06 2007

We are to choose what are the New World 7 Wonders. July 7th 2007, in Lisbon, Portugal, the official declaration of the new list will take place. You can already buy tickets. I won’t go but for sure will watch it. Am really curious of what it will be. Basically anyone can vote. A very nice celebration.

Check out the new7wonders website .

personal note: the world tour took place, and my favourite archeological site (which I still want to go and visit), Petra, in Jordan, was visited to that purpose none other than on my birthday , January 16th. Another sign 😉




One response

3 07 2007
Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D.

Hey Dylan,

Checked in to your blog just now…haven’t been for a bit…and saw your note on Petra…synchronicity…because for my post last night on my blog about Skeptiko, I used a not-so-well-known photo of the Siq at Petra, the narrow entrance. Check it out!



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