Vision Keepers July 29th – August 1st newsletter

30 07 2007

Pure spirit is the essence of the Absolute. Two of the manifestations of this great Being/energy that reach planet Earth are love and intelligence As we approach the Full Moon of Leo, it bears observing that love is that delineation of spirit which underlies life on planet Earth. All other planetary manifestations are sub-manifestations of love.

We must, of course, recognize that this love in no way corresponds to the emotion or sentiment commonly identified by this word — but, rather, represents the “fact of the Soul”, emanating, as it does, from the reality that men and women were ‘impressed’ with a fragment of the Oversoul upon “Individualization” at the outset of civilization millions of years ago. Thus the teaching that we are all of the “One Father” (i.e. the Absolute — about Whom “naught may be said”). It is not by accident that such references are found in the teachings of many religions, as they all emanate from the original source of Truth — though too frequently diluted by sentiment, fear and greed.

For these reasons It is love which, eventually, results in synthesis — found, to some small degree, in this group as a result of extensive work together on higher planes (above the head) whereupon spirit is more refined than on the material plane.. It is to this end that we work at this full moon — to spread abroad the gift of loving synthesis toward a waiting humanity.

In synthetic companionship,

Lynne Murguia




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