Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment

20 11 2007

This is much more than interesting. Through discovering Quantum Physics we are discovering a new awareness. If indeed particles and/or electrons act in an array of infinite possibles when unwatched and only pick one of these possibles when watched, what does this tell us about our intent? Exactly. Our intent creates – or rather, chooses, defines, gives shape to, whether aware or unaware of – the “reality” that “surrounds” us, and which we have been used to believe is just set there before our eyes. In other words, we are one with the”surrounding” world. There is no “inside” nor “outside”, there is thought, matter, intent, and they are all one inexhaustible flow of endlessly circulating energy. Happy thinking ;).




3 responses

21 11 2007

Ever read “The Field” from Lynne McTaggart??? Read it!!!!

21 11 2007

I will!

9 12 2007

Our thoughts and ideas, Our perceptions and preconceptions shape the world we live in.

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