The Magic of Writing

6 01 2008

I have my desires and wishes as we all do. I take some time to think about them. Whether these happen later on or not I have been used to leaving up to “fate”.

Just now I wrote down something that I wished for myself. Simply put, this is to feel good, as being the most important thing.

The thing is, having written it down has already set me into feeling good.

And I understood all of a sudden the importance and magic of writing things down. You bring your desires into manifestation. I thought until now that writing was just writing. It is so much more. It is creating reality. As long as you mean what you write.




2 responses

6 01 2008

write/jotted down all the ideas appear in your mind make yourself feel motivating. you will think you will try to achieve all of them or at least some of them…

I love to write down my thinking, even though it come out all of sudden…

7 01 2008

let op wat je schrijft dan….want alles kan!!!

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