Trying to make things right (and it never really works, so)

12 01 2008

Spending day in-day out trying to make things ‘right’, a ‘good life’, basically nonsense, I miss my purpose on the way.

You know, trying to make things right, get money, buy the house, become a good member of this massive supposedly organized mess we like to call society, the illusion of things being thought for you upfront. Meanwhile you’re less and less happy. Like a donkey trying to reach out for the carrot tied to a stick held by the wanker sitting on the donkey. The closer you seem to get, the more it eludes you, and the more frustrated you become.

I have an alternative solution: get rid of the weight sitting on your back (that lazy bastard). Enjoy the landscape and scenery instead of focusing on the carrot. For, it’s just a carrot.

I might as well better enjoy my life fully as it is great in the first place.

And stop trying to ‘make it great’ (that was the trap).

For at the end of the day, how could you make something great become something great? You cannot!

And this means the end of materialism as we know it.

I’m gonna simply enjoy life as it is, and stop once and for all running after illusions.  Life is great, the world is great. And I am great.




One response

13 01 2008

” Life is great, the world is great. And I am great. ”

and if you strart forgetting, read it again
and again
and again


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