I Love you

26 03 2008

It begins to go wrong once you start criticizing each other, seeing each other’s defaults more than each other’s qualities. You can’t keep a clear head anymore and forget most of the beautiful seconds spent together. We prefer what’s agreeable. Nobody likes to hear their defaults. We prefer flattery. Admiration. And thus we avoid confrontation. When in fact, there resides the only possibility to progress as a person, as a couple, and to know true Love – the one in which you love the other while completely knowing her/his faults, weaknesses, and yet embracing her/him, totally. To be able to say, ‘I love you entirely, with everything that makes who you are, and your personality, your strong sides as well as your weak sides, and I’ll always be there for you, and never betray you, and if I get lost at times, it will only be temporary, and in those times, I hope you will be there to help me, carry me a little, and never give up, as I’ll be there to help you and carry you at times when you are lost, so that we may enjoy a second time fully our time together whenever we look back at it. Because you mean so much to me, so much.’

This evening I walked passed the restaurant where we spent our last evening together. I looked inside. The table where we sat was empty. As if nobody had been there since us. And I consciously remembered. Pictured the evening. Felt it, felt you. Remembered you and your presence. And your delightful scent. And twinkling eyes. You looked so happy, so happy. Your smile and joy and happiness of that moment.





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26 03 2008

Crazy, stupid and wonderful

The nuttiest thing I have ever done was to fall in love with a stranger…

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