A simple story of 2

11 04 2008

Discovery led to curiosity and desire, desire led to unisson, unisson led to dependancy, dependancy led to unsecurity and need, greed, and stress, that resulted in chaos, destruction, and then silence.

And to self-reconstruction.




4 responses

12 04 2008

“Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering” (Yoda)
🙂 Take care. Sc. Tam

13 04 2008

who are you, where do you stand for, what do you want……stick to yourself, you are the most important person to you! take care of yourself!

13 04 2008

Tam, thanx for reminding me of this. So important….

Nans, thank you, I’m doing my best, it is double, since I knew what I was standing for, but at the same time, I realize my huge mistakes…. But then again, a friend of mine tells me, “In a relationship, it’s never your fault only, there’s two of you”. Sounds basic and obvious, but still we do forget this sometimes.

13 04 2008

your friend is absolutely right! I forgot as well, during my marriage, in the end, when it was all over, my ex could explain why he was part off the problem too and so he could let me go….that was healing, for the both of us……
take care! be carefull and hug

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