My guidelines for the times to come

16 04 2008
  • My studio
  • Work (all sorts)
  • Friends
  • Partying
  • Being creative
  • Travel, travel, travel
  • Forget about the bad shit that happened to me and those involved in it (but learn from it, already have)
  • Enjoy what I like doing (drawing/painting/tag, music, photography, motion design, new media, cooking, joking and laughing)
  • Focus on intention / intention experiment (Lynne McTaggart) / know that we are mediums through which energy flows / healing / always go for what feels right / express what I need to express even if it shocks or disturbs some. 
  • And most of all: forgive myself. 

In other words rebuild myself and fully enjoy life!!




One response

16 04 2008

In willekeurige volgorde? of in deze volgorde?
Klinkt in ieder geval als een rijtje hele goeie dingen, die in ieder gevals, steunen, inspireren en leren…….. Succes, sterkte!!!!

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