Corinne & I

19 05 2008

Corinne is one of my best friends. We share a lot, mostly in the way we look at life, as well as individual experiences that, even though, of course, different, tend to have similarities.

But it wasn’t always so.

We shared a flat for a while. We then moved out, I took the initiative. The thing is, the atmosphere between us at that time had become unbearable for both of us. I couldn’t stand it anymore so told her I was moving out.

Then we still had things to take care of. We exchanged emails, and clashed. Some very hurtful things were said from both sides. We’d reached a dead end. I thought, at the time, ‘This is it. We’ll never ever be able to be friends again’. Sad.

Some time passed. Our contact had become very formal. I wasn’t however satisfied with the way things had turned out. I am not that kind of person who enjoys to remain on a bad impression about someone, especially not a friend. I do get angry and clash with people at times, but only very rarely, when it has gone way too far for me, and the dysfunction has become way too present. At heart I’m a true peace seeker.

So I tried. I was feeling somewhat unsecure about it but dared. I texted her if she would like to have a drink one day. I had no idea of what the answer might be, or even if there would be one at all. I felt that some time had passed and that we could just at least meet up and see how it felt, and take it from there.

I was joyfully surprised when she answered that she would love to have a drink.

We met, caught up with each other’s lives. We were glad we’d done this.

Strangely enough, it felt like if no clash had happened at all.

Now we meet up on a regular basis and always have a very good time together. Even better. Our friendship, and we mentioned so this evening, is exactly the same as it was before, same connection, same feeling, but even better, it has dramatically gained in quality.

Sometimes you need a good clash to clear the air and the imbalance. For our contact, back then, had become too dysfunctional. The clash was never, I now realize, a final drama, nor was it a dead end, it was simply a necessary step for improvement. And I’m glad we were both mature and intelligent enough to pass beyond it and choose joy, life, and harmony. And that I believed it was possible.

Corinne told me this evening something that really filled my heart with joy. She said that she was really thankful to me that I had had the courage to take this step of getting back in touch again, and that thanks to this, she believes in men again.

What a blessing to have heard this. What a blessing to have you as a friend. 🙂




One response

19 05 2008

Beautiful story, beautiful ending. Good you picked it up.
Its nog easy having a clash with a friend, I noticed lately. One friendship ended, the other one: everything worked out fine, I’m happy to say…
take care!

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