Clearing up

31 07 2008

Arranging my new living space (and it’s a small one, so sharp thinking is required !!! 🙂 ) logically means only owning a mininum of things. The place needs to breathe. 4 big windows that open onto a canal and house roofs and sky open the space more dramatically. This is just perfect. Slowly I’ll give it shape, in the most efficient manner. With help of someone who’s job it is to arrange living spaces. I’ll keep the tones of colours light, with perhaps some parts here and there of a more pronounced colour as so to bring a little contrast and depth. Different colours bring different moods and emotions. Too many of them would bring some confusion, of course. Try and work with the lines of the appartment itself, follow some curves when building cupboards. Mostly made out of wood. On the floor I’m going to lay some beautiful rustic (yet new) oak wood. It will bring a feel of countryside even though you’re sitting in the city centre. Well, the city centre, yes and no. Because for those of you who know the Jordaan neighbourhood you know that it clearly has a village feel to it. And I really love it. I feel at home there. Filled with all sorts of little shops about almost anything & everything, restaurants and cafés, various markets, from fabric to organic food. People know each other. It is convivial. Simply put, an ideal neighbourhood.

And so, setting up my new place also means getting rid of the old and useless, clearing up. Hundreds of books which I’ve read and no longer wish to have, sell them. CDs, same thing, they’re all on my iPod, and I’m not into collecting. Clothes… ah, yes, same story: it’s amazing to come accross clothes you so often use to wear years ago but which by now you’ve totally forgotten about. Same thing, sell them or give them to charity. The latter probably.

And then there are all the bits and pieces. All that stuff which accumulates because “you might need it someday”. And never need it. Chuck it away. Clear the space.

As for things that remind me of very unhappy moments in my life, same thing. Except that I need to find a way for myself to get rid of those in a way that will produce positive energy and feelings. What I mean to say is, getting rid of these objects because they trigger bitterness in me won’t necessarily discard the bitterness itself. Yep. One possibility might be, for letters for instance, to lay them at sea, and see them go with the flow. Very symbolic.

Actually I’ve got rid of 99% of that stuff already (but not at sea, I reassure you, no no, no pollution involved 🙂 ). Anything that reminds me of those strong negative emotions.

Anything that reminds me of you.

Soon, one day soon, there won’t even be any traces of this adventure in my heart either. In my consciousness, there will. But my heart will have been cleaned as new.

It’s the only way I can regain control of my life.

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2 responses

1 08 2008

Les souvenirs.Comment les tourner en energie positive?

Une autre possibilite toute aussi symbolique.Mets les lettres,les pensees et les emotions dans une jolie petite boite.Embrasse la et tres gentillement,dis au revoir aux choses qui sont a l’interieur.

De ce fait,la rupture est douce pour toi et pour elle(s).Tu te fais du bien en ne lui faisant pas de mal..Cela s’appelle “pardonner”,je crois.Tu lui pardonnes et tu te pardonnes.Aucune violence,aucun regret,juste une facon de tourner la page ou refermer la boite si tu preferres.

bise et bise

4 08 2008

Nice to read how you make your new space your own…. and use everything it offers. Good to take time to let go of the old stuff.
I moved several times in the past twenty years, you learn to let go is a positive side of it… What is important?
And I agree with Corinne (although my french is terrible, so I hope I understand what see wrote….)

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