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I’m Dylan Glyn Jones, born January 16th 1971 at 8:25 am in Paris, France, of an British father and French mother. Lived in Paris 13th district until 1979 when we moved to the south-west of France in the region of Toulouse. After regular school I went to study acting & drama in Toulouse from 1988 to 1991. From 1991 to 1999 I worked in France mainly as an actor & stage director.

In 1999 I felt like having a change so found a job on an IT helpdespk in the Netherlands, did that for 1 year, then worked in a theatre school as computer-systems administrator, for the following 4 years, thus until 2004. That was enough, and by then I had taught myself video editing and this is what I do now for a living. Next to this I’m working on my main ambition which is film making/cross-media projects. Right now I’m working on an cross-media project, mainly for the web; interactive media really attract me a lot. So now I’m also focusing on Flash & CSS.

I have one sister, Sophie, 3 years older than me, who lives in England, with her husband, and their son, aged 2. A great cute little boy.
I also play the bass, love music from the Beatles to the Pixies, Radiohead, Placebo, the Who, Royksopp, Muse, Massive Attack, The Cure, Chillout stuff or the Police and many many more. I have two pets (gerbils) and live in Amsterdam. Next to this I can say that I’m a very spiritually oriented person, love nature & the unknown, and am always always curious.


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28 10 2006
Bleschet Sophie

Salut Dylan, le monde est petit, ça fait plaisir de voir ta tête, on était bon copain au lycée (disons que tu m’aidais bien en anglais, bien sûr !!!) Réponds si tu veux de mes nouvelles.

13 12 2006

Is this the same Dylan Jones that I know? Jade?


13 12 2006

I don’t think so…!

13 05 2007

Wa.. A very details self introduction… Maybe I should revise my one too…

Do you have MSN acc…?

17 05 2007

hahaha DSvT asking for MSN account that is great surprise of contact..well dylanjones thx for posting my post in urs blog ..as i know you did write a new acticle too 🙂

17 05 2007

haha… suprise? Hahaha…
Just be a frequent DJ’s reader, to keep in touch with this friend the most direct method is MSN chat…

17 07 2007

I find it hard to write about me….

You did an excellent job there dylan.

Nice to meet you!

10 08 2007

Just wonder what you’re dong to transform the many areas on the planet you so glibly disdain.

22 08 2007

Funny you have written Touch Base on your blog, I have a company in Sweden called that 🙂


Nice to “meet you”

30 08 2007
andrew monkman

Hello Dylan, This symbol may be of interest to you. I would appreciate your opinion on it. Thank you in advance,Andy M. http://thecompletefloweroflife.blogspot.com/ (I am not a spammer)

19 04 2008

Hi Dylan. It’s nice to find author’s with blogs, and a thumbs on writing about yourself. Nice to meet you. =)

What I really want you to know is how I feel about one of your books. I recently finished reading iPod, Therefore I Am and wanted to tell you just how much I enjoyed it. I found myself smiling and agreeing with you on almost every page. I have a bit of a music obsession myself and it was nice to see someone write about that wonderful little device so elegantly and humorously. One of the highlights for me were your little inserts on David Bowie, as a 15 year old it can be quite hard to get kids my age into David Bowie and I found that your commentary on him made me feel like there was actually another person in the world who actually wanted to talk about him. Even though my age made some of your anecdotes and comments go over my head a bit; it was still a joy to read. It made a very long 9 hour trip seem very short. Thank you so much.
~Bee L~

7 08 2008

Hi Dylan,
Grate Intro. Spirituality ……… this was the word which made me write these few lines. I’m from India, Land of Saints, Spiritualism, Mysticism…….!!!
For me, the Tag line is : “BEING ATTACHED WITH DETACHMENT” thats the way you can survive in this WORLD !!!

Do keep in touch.


27 08 2008
danielle et sandrine

Allo! Merci encore une fois pour ta bienveillante compagnie entre gare du nord et orly. Y ai perdu Sandrine l’espace d’une légère panic.. Mais le retour s’est bien passé.. 32 C nous attendaient à Qc.. et bcp de jetlag. T’enverrai ta photo et celle de Sandrine sur demande

12 10 2008
Marianne SCHMITT

ravie de trouver de tes nouvelles. 2 enfants, bientôt 3, toujours en region parisienne. N’hésite pas à me contacter si tu passes dans la région, ou à me laisser une adresse postale ; je suis handicapée du Net.



19 03 2010
marie ange

toulouse il y a …15 ans ?

19 03 2010

Il y même presque 20 ans!! Je t’ai envoyé un email, quelle belle surprise que tu m’aies trouvé 🙂

6 01 2012

Bonne année mon frère! Je suis bien heureuse de te lire…J’espère que tu vas bien, que tu ES bien! Je t’embrasse.

6 01 2012

Nathalene..!! Quelle belle surprise!! Bonne Année à toi aussi! Comment tu vas? Je t’emaile, bises xx

8 05 2012
Cathy. Oderkerk

Hello Dylan , te souviens-tu du fluo ?moi,j’en garde de bons souvenirs. Je suis toujours infirmière,j’ai une fille de 16 ans et je suis contente de retrouver ta trace.bisou Cathy

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