blogs I regularly visit

  • Anonyblog – a place where people can anonymously post whatever’s on their mind. Great if you need to say things out loud but don’t dare – the tagline of the blog is ‘get it off your chest’.
  • Dioxyd – Jérome, our friendship goes way back in years, who lives in Paris.
  • Jeroen’s blog – about… politics, the net, Linux, Prince, or the Twilight Zone, or Battlestar Galactica… never boring. Further, Jeroen i… my neighbour!
  • Under construction… – Dana’s page where she’s writing an old fashinoed “to be continued” story – a blogspace is ideal for this.

When I come across blogs I enjoy, I’ll update this page.

Last updated 24/9/2006, 00:43 am.


4 responses

19 12 2006

Hi Dylan, this ia a website I find very strange and attractive at the same time. This guy, jogchem Niemandsverdriet is his name, must me completely mad. have a look ( or 2)

3 02 2007


I like to exchange blog link with you

If agreeable , pls add a link to my blog and let me know

I’ll reciprocate

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31 07 2007
Heempogeogasy – great site

Good day
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Thank you, I will add it to my bookmarks

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8 08 2007

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